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Exercises to Harmonise the Stomach & Reinforce the Spleen (sets 1& 2)

Hewei Jianpi Gong

Created to increase the capacity of the function of the Spleen and the Stomach in order to prevent and treat various disorders of the Digestive system, e.g. stomach pain, indigestion, ulcers, intestinal and gastric infections, prolapse of the Stomach, constipation, haemorrhoids, prolapse of the anus and other digestive problems.

This set, like all the sets, doesn't work with the Digestive system alone, it harmonises of all body systems in their relationship to the stomach.

From the viewpoint of the 5 Elements, which is the foundation of these exercises, the Stomach/Spleen

relates to Earth, and Earth produces Metal (Lungs/Large Intestine).
In other words, there is a relationship between the two pairs of organs - a mother/son relationship; the Spleen is the "mother" of the Lungs, and nourishes them (i.e. the Lungs are the "son").  If the son is healthy, he isn't over-demanding of the mother; if the mother is strong, she won’t be drained by the son.
In other words, the functional balance between not only these organs but between <i>all</i> the organs is an essential prerequisite for good health.
In this set, there is more emphasis on the Spleen than on the Stomach; the Spleen has an intimate relationship with the Lungs, and therefore in the exercises you can expect movements relating to the Lungs.

From a different perspective, Earth (Spleen/Stomach) is the "son" of Fire (the Heart/Small Intestine - the "mother"), and again there will be movements that focus on balancing the relationship between these organs.

There is also a further controlling influence taking place in the 5 Elements: The most obvious is Fire (Heart) and Water (Kidneys).  If the Heart (Fire) is too strong it will drain energy from, and cause damage to the Kidneys (Water) (i.e. the Fire will dry up the Water).  But the reverse is also true; if the Water of the Kidneys is too active, it can put out (cause damage to) the Fire of the Heart.

In working on one organ, you therefore have to work within the context of all organs; (cf. the organisation of a Company: Post room/accounts/sales/admin/secretarial - all has to work in harmony for the Company to function efficiently).

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