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Exercises for the Relief of Problems in the Head & Face

Xingnao Ning Shen Gong

Acupressure & Massage.

The use of acupressure in TCM is a treasured heritage of Chinese medicine, which has a long history.  An ancient classic text ‘The Book of Man’ lists 10 volumes on the subject of massage.  For thousands of years of development, massage has been formed as a systematic specialized medicine.

The massage-therapy of Daoyin and TCM is a treatment, which applies various methods.  It can help regulate disorders of imbalance of the body’s functions, dispel fatigue, and relieve the pain caused by injured tissues, improve the circulation of the blood (xue), and promote the repair of damaged tissues of the body.  (It’s not a myth we all know when we hurt an area of the body our instant reaction is to rub it better).

The realm of acupressure is quite broad and has many different techniques such as pushing, pressing, scattering, smoothing, pounding and/or beating (knocking), kneading, rubbing etc.  After some or all of these techniques have been applied, especially on the channels or points, it can activate the vital energy (qi) and blood (xue), limber up the muscles and joints relax tendons, reduce swelling and relieve pain, promote the circulation of the lymph and blood and improve the metabolism of the whole body.

The Pressure Points.
There are three techniques for stimulating the pressure points –
•    Tonifying
•    Dispersing
•    Calming
They all work to strengthen the flow of qi and restore equilibrium.

Translated from a Chinese text:
"Xingnao Ning Shen Gong is a set of exercises based on auto massage and acupressure for the prevention and treatment of head conditions such as headaches, migraine, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia (pain in the double rooted cranial nerve), neurasthenia (nervous debility or exhaustion as from overwork or prolonged mental strain), Meniere’s disease, hemiplegia, paralysis on one side of the body resulting in diseases of the brain, tinnitus, and deafness.

According to clinical observation of 92 cases made in a period of several years, the rates of effectiveness of this exercise as a therapy for treating the above-mentioned illnesses are headache (85%), facial paralysis (80%), trigeminal neuralgia (80%), neurasthenia (60%), Meniere’s disease (90%), hemiplegia (67%), tinnitus (70%), and deafness (60%) respectively."

[Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE that the translation may be inaccurate, and that any claims to be able to cure certain illnesses are unfounded!]

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