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Exercises for the Respiratory System 1 & 2

Yiqi Yangfei Gong 1 & 2

The 8 movements of each of these sets are designed to strengthen and improve the Respiratory system. They aim at improving respiratory function, e.g. for those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, and similar respiratory disorders.


Translated from the Chinese text:
"Increasing Energy and Lung Capacity.
"This set of exercises can cure or prevent colds, diseases of the respiratory system and emphysema of the lungs.

"The examination shows that patients who catch colds and whose temperature is below 38°c and practise without taking any medicine can recover in 3-5 days.  For those who have a fever, practising after taking medicine can also be helpful in lowering a fever.  If patients with chronic bronchitis start practising from the summer, this practise is 88.6% effective, amongst which 45.7% have exceptional results.  Indeed their vital capacity after 3 months increases from 500ml. to 800ml.
"For patients with emphysema of the lungs, 92.6% are effectively improved after 8 months, 53.6% with remarkable results.  Also the average vital capacity increases to 579.4ml. and with tuberculosis patients, 80% are effectively improved, 60% of them with notable results."

[Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE that the translation may be inaccurate, and that any claims to be able to cure certain illnesses are unfounded!]

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