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Exercises for the Cardiovascular System – sets 1 & 2

Shuxin Pingxue Gong 1 & 2

Daoyin for the Heart was designed with specific emphasis on improving heart function, stimulating regular blood circulation, and preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system.

There are 2 sets, each of 8 exercises, which calm and relax the heart, smooth and regulate the flow of blood, and help the organ to work efficiently.
The sets were created to improve the function of the heart, and to prevent and relieve high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cardio arrhythmias, rapid heartbeat, and other illnesses related to the cardiovascular system.

Notes Translated from a Chinese text:
“The purpose of Shuxin Pingxue Gong is to prevent illness within, and for the remedy of the cardiovascular system. 

It is suitable for those with both high and low blood pressure, coronary heart disease, irregular heartbeat, and arrhythmia.  Practising the set will create no side effects for these groups of people.
“However, this exercise is not suitable for those with HBP combined with mental, heart and kidney diseases, or those with acute HBP.  Those with coronary heart disease, if suffering from frequent angina pectoris occurrence, coupled with arrhythmia, should not practise this set.
“The set helps to lower blood pressure & heart rate.”

[Disclaimer: PLEASE NOTE that the translation may be inaccurate, and that any claims to be able to cure certain illnesses are unfounded!]

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